CMS Web Design

Fully responsive websites

For display on computer screen, tablet and mobile

A CMS website:

  • can be interactive (forms, newsletter registration, sales, questionnaires etc)
  • is great for building communities (social component integration, articles submission, listings or directories, multiple administrators etc)
  • frontend access to your website (member log in, articles submission, add breaking news, add photos or graphics, etc)
  • has a CMS / database (client information, indexing, documentation etc)
  • facilitates frequent changes and updates (blog style, event calendar, product changes, fresh, new content for homepage etc)
  • can be multi-languaged

Safety for your CMS website

CMS websites need regular maintenance such as software upgrades, software migration, security updates and backups. We can offer those seperately in order to help you keeping your website from being hacked or falling over.

Need a website translation?

We can provide Dutch and German translations for your website.

You are welcome to contac us