Website Security & Hack Clean Up

If your Joomla website is powered by an outdated software version (websites built before 2012), then your website is at risk.

Recent attacks have made it clear that upgrading your website to the latest software version is very important. Unlike most people think, a website does not have eternal life once it has been build. Its software must be updated regularly to prevent security threats. And every few years a software migration may need to be done. An update is mainly within a certain software version and is basically security and bug-fix related and a migration from an old software version to a newer version is for security and functionality reasons and to keep up with ever progressing new technology.

Websites running on old software is vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Either an update or a complete migration is needed to prevent security risks or the collapse of your website's functionality. Hackers are currently actively targeting websites with outdated software like yours. Once the back door of your website has been found by hackers (and they know where to look) they will get in and start sending mass emails from your domain. This is bad for your good name and our servers because both can end up on blacklists and it is very difficult to get off a blacklist.

We advise that you consider setting aside money for an upgrade or migration of your website's software. Many people are not aware that updating or migrating software, making backups and problem solving after being hacked are not the responsibility of a web hosting company or a web designer! It is not something that comes automatically with having a website designed. However you can opt to buy maintenance to prevent a website from getting outdated and we can also arrange to have your website cleaned up after hacking.

It is not possible to make a website 100% hack-proof but it is possible to make it very difficult for a hacker by using up-to-date software and added security!

Your website may have been hacked already without you knowing it. If your site has been hacked, it must be taken offline in order to arrange a clean up. This can be a time consuming business. It takes hours of painstakingly manual checking for hacks and repairing the health of the website. It might be a lot cheaper if you keep up with the latest website updates or migrations (depending on your current version) before it falls in the hands of hackers.

Mana IT Services offers:

One time website clean up after hacking - 100 GBP / per website

  • Valid for one year - Upgrading may be required
  • Includes clean up, website integrity monitoring, email & twitter alerting, manual website scanning, blacklist removal
  • In the rare event that your website could not be cleaned, your 100 GBP will be returned and we will discuss other options with you.

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