Migrating Joomla website

Unfortunately a website does not have eternal life once it has been build.  Every few years a software migration may need to be done. A software migration from an old software version to a newer version is for security and functionality reasons and to keep up with ever progressing new technology (versus an software update which is mainly within a certain software version and is basically security and bug-fix related).

If your website is built before 2012 and does not have any maintenance contract then it your site is running on old software and is vulnerable to attacks from hackers. You might need a complete migration to prevent security risks or the collapse of your website's functionality.

You need to consider setting aside money for a migration of your website's software if your website is running on Joomla version 1.5 or less before it falls in the hands of hackers or might fall over altogether!
Another scenario is that your website's software has become so outdated that the much needed software migration would be breaking old and/or customized code on your website. It can result in error messages and malfunctioning of software including shop software. Each website's need differs sometimes it will be worth having a think about rebuilding the website rather then migrating because it might be cheaper! We can advise you about the best option in your case.

Mana IT Services offers

Migration to a newer software version - starts from 350 GBP / depending on individual need

  • For websites built before 2012
  • Includes the migration to a newer software version, upgrading of components, modules and plug-ins and upgrading of templates.
  • Price varies depending on whether a shop or customized coding is involved.

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