Eco Hosting

Eco Hosting

We offer green Website Hosting!

Only a company that achieves a balance between economic, social and environmental aspects can operate successfully in the long term. So our organisation has firmly undertaken the responsibility to minimise the ecological impact on our living environment, and to contribute to the society of which we are a part.

We host with the “Energy Smart” line from Dell. Energy Smart uses the latest technologies like 'Low-Flow'-ventilator technology, very efficient feeds, Intel Xeon Low Voltage Processor and lots of other novelties that help to decrease the total energy consumption of the mainstream rack server.

And next to that, our hosting is based in an environment friendly data center. This ISO-9001 certificated, next generation data center distinguishes itself from other data centers by using energy efficient cooling systems, green power, cold corridor and HF lightning.

Carbon Neutral Website Hosting from £ 2,75  month

Specifications will be provided upon request. Please contact us.

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